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One Armed Bandit
Ski Jump

With these two stellar performances of "blind" drawing by the junior boys squad, they quickly overtook the seasoned Cranium champions in Cranium Central, the O.K. Corral of the Cranium world where final shootouts are the norm. But it would not be enough, and with some of the finest acting, humming, and "drawing" of their own, the adult team, riding a three year win streak and featuring academy award nominee George Imthurn, would K.O. the juniors for a fourth straight win.


Glass Bowling? The "one armed bandit?" These were only a few of the stunning highlights of the annual Cranium "brain off".
What began as a casual annual get-together with teammates at season end, would soon turn into one of the most storied and epic "battles" for Cranium supremacy. The adults, riding a three year winning streak with over-confidence to match, held off a late challenge by the junior boys team to add an unprecedented fourth title in as many years, notching another win in an almost insurmountable streak of glory. The girls team (with Charlie jr.) booty-wagging in a distant last place throughout an embarassing first half, showed signs of late brilliance to overtake the struggling senior boys duo of Alex and Alf, who despite a strong start, quickly foundered on a series of artistic fiascos. This game did not disappoint. A huge THANK YOU goes out to the hosts Tere and Steve Ross for their wonderful hospitality and patience, but most importantly, for their contribution to the winning adults team.