Rules, Rules, Rules!!???

The following four (4) simple rules listed below apply to the student/participant named on the reverse side of this form.  I agree that I will abide by these rules and furthermore, I understand that if I break any of these rules because of poor choices that I have made, I may be subject to immediate removal from the running camp by my parent or guardian who will be called to come and pick me up.  I also understand that I will be warned of the consequences of any infractions when I first arrive at camp (along with everyone else), and this will be my only warning.

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Student Signature                                                                                Date

  • NO boys are allowed in girls’ tents, and conversely, no girls are allowed in boys’ tents.  EVER!  This is a simple rule and applies to all hours of the day and night.  Play cards on the picnic tables, not in tents.  Nothing is “innocent”.

  • This is not date camp.  Save this for your own time at home, not here.  Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Absolutely no drugs or alcohol.  There will be a very strict zero-tolerance policy enforced.

  • All National Park rules and regulations will be enforced.  The rangers are the local police, and we must abide by all written rules and policies of the National Park Service, particularly those that apply to the backcountry, wildlife, and fire.


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Signature of Parent/Guardian                                                              Date

(I attest that my son/daughter has read the above rules and has agreed to abide by this policy for the duration of the 2017 Sequoia Running Camp.  I understand that I may be called to immediately come up and pick up my son/daughter if he/she chooses to break any of these rules.  I also understand that there will be no camp refund.)