UC History 2

2 Years Later... 2000 CIF Championships
  2000 CIF Division III Championships  

Having finished 4th in the 1998 Championship race, Chessa Adsit-Morris carried the torch for a whole new girls team into the 2000 CIF championship event. The girls team had established itself in the 1998 race, and having barely beaten one of the finest La Jolla teams in one of the greatest duels in the history of the Western League, the team came in charging. Two new superstars would emerge this day, new sophomore Jessie Ooms and freshman superstar Rebecca Bostwick. Both would rewrite the record books over the next three years...

Senior Laura Cohen ran the best race of her career here to finish just out of the top ten, in 11th place. This was the start of what would be a run of three straight CIF championships. Our seventh girl this day was sophomore Brazilian Lidia de Carvalho, who would become a key member on the great "white" team of 2001.




Historic Battles

Senior Chessa Adsit-Morris (l) and sophomore Jessie Ooms each took turns battling La Jolla's #1 Desiree Leek who would go on to be a great NCAA competitor for UC Santa Barbara.



At the Start

The girls sported a whole new look, and proved to be even stronger than the '98 team.


Hawaiian Flowers

Senior Laura Cohen helped seal another close victory over strong league rival La Jolla. This was the beginning of the UC Flower design which would last for six years.


Beginning of Something Great

The girls flash their championship smiles. From left to right, soph Lidia de Carvalho, senior Laura Cohen, soph Jessie Ooms, freshman Rebecca Bostwick, soph Lauren Jerd, senior Chessa Adsit-Morris, and senior Karissa Teitsch.