Winter Training Begins!

Website Will Switch Over Soon With Vacation Training Schedule

We are meeting at PQ Canyon on the EAST END tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. The meeting spot is off of Black Mountain Road at Canyonside Community Park. Turn into the park and go all the way to the west side of the ball fields. We will be running on the north side of the creek and returning along the normal south side. This should be a spectacular run. It might be a little cold, so you may want to bring some light gloves and a beanie to wear.

Directions to the Park:

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Save the Date!

Cross Country Banquet is Tuesday, December 18

This will be a fantastic night to relive and celebrate our great cross country season. We will be at Marina Village, same as last year, in the Seaside Room beginning at 6:00 p.m. Bring the whole family for good food, memories and awards to commemorate the outstanding achievements of our athletes and supporters. Please plan on being there. Alumni are invited as our guests. I'll have more information, including costs in the next few days. Athletes on the team are free.


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Here are some great league pictures from Jack Gallegos (click images below). Remember, I need ALL of your pictures. Please send them to me or send me a link to a photo website so I can put them up here. You all deserve to see them. That goes for all of you that are sharing them on Facebook as well. We need to get them up on this website


Western League Finals Results

The boys finished tied for the league title and the girls remained in second after an outstanding performance by both teams at the Western League Championships on Wednesday. Results are on Athletic.net at right and at the link above on Track Magazine. We prepare now for the CIF Championships this upcoming Saturday at Morley Field. Our teams are ready to go, and we'll need your help to cheer on both teams to the State Meet. The girls race is at 11:10 and the boys run at 12:50.

Click the photo below for Vic Bennett's great pictures of the League Championship races.


League Finals Coming Up Wednesday

Click on the spreadsheets below to see the boys and girls finish times at Morley Field this season. Look carefully at each race and determine where you ran your best and why. This Wednesday should be your very best race, so set a goal based on what you see. Go ahead. Go for it.

Girls Morley Field Times
Boys Morley Field Times

Another great week for the UC varsity and JV squads this past week saw the boys defeat a tough Saints team 24-34. The boys matched up almost dead-even throughout the first two miles before the real strength of the UC 3-4-5-6 runners took control and would not relinquish their top ten places. The girls placed the first 9 girls ahead of OLP to clinch the victory. The boys team was led this week by Victor Bennett, who took over for a tiring Dan Cunningham who had gone after the Saints number one runner after taking the race through some very quick splits early in the race. The girls were led by Sophi Volk and Ann Kelly who had kept the freshmen squad together for the first two miles, then opened up the engines somewhat in the last mile to chase down the visiting La Jolla runners up front.

Check out Vic Bennett's pics of the day below.

Don't miss this week's races. The boys will be racing for their first league title in 4 years. The girls will be hoping to unseat the Cathedral Dons as league champion favorites. Races begin at 2:00 p.m. with the girls JV, followed by the varsity girls at 2:30, varsity boys at 3:00, JV boys at 3:30, and then a great awards program beginning at 4:15.


Swarmin' the Serrans!

It's been a good week for UC harriers, both the JV and varsity squads. On Wednesday, we had an opportunity to run as a team and showcase the "power of many", scoring a very fine low point total of 25, despite letting the star-studded twins from Serra finish 1-2. The varsity boys would sweep the next 6 spots to beat Serra by 10. The girls scored a near sweep, finishing 5 in the top 6 for a clean team effort and the win. On Friday, a trip to Morley Field saw the varsity crew battle the CIF hills for one or our toughest workouts of the season. All agreed it was a great strength workout, and prepared us well for the upcoming championship race on this slightly different course.

Check out Vic Bennett's great photo's of the recent meets and events. Keep sending me those photo links so I can get them up here. Congratulations to the entire team for a fine week of training and racing.



Posted New Results Link for Jaguar

Jaguar Results and Photos

Click on the great photo of Jayce below to see an album by Sherri Cortez of all the competitors throughout the day. The results here have a slight modification to them. The times for the Frosh Soph race have been updated. Congratulations. We are still improving. Much work to do, but it's happening. I'll post the Mt. Laguna photos when I get them.

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Mt. Laguna Group:

We are leaving directly to the mountains from Kit Carson Park. It will take us approximately 1:20 to get there. We should arrive before 8:00 p.m.

What to Bring:

•Running Clothes (3 runs)
•Food item assigned (see Sophi)
•Warm Clothes
•Pillow/Sleeping Bag
•Some spending $$
•Your best Cranium Attitude!

Girls Course (click to enlarge)
Boys Course (click to enlarge)


JV Results from Oct. 10 HERE

We had a wonderful day of training and racing today at Morley Field for the second week of the Western League dual meet season. The JV kids raced today with HUGE PR's almost across the board (check the results and splits above). Congratulations to Alisa McRee with her first big-meet win and the four girls behind her, all in the top six. It was a great day for the varsity kids as well, completing a very tough 1000 meter repeat workout on the Picnic Loop. Look for some great improvement in the coming weeks.

Up Next: Jaguar Invitational on Friday October 19 at Kit Carson Park in Escondido. This is a great opportunity for us to finally put together our varsity team and compete together in a large invitational format. Immediately after the meet, the varsity kids (and fringe varsity athletes) will be particpating in our annual Mt. Laguna retreat at the Laguna Mountain Lodge. More information coming in the next few days. Stay tuned. Click above or below for the results and race breakdowns for today's races.


Click the photos above to see Vic Bennett's great pics

Boys beat Cathedral for the First Time in 4 Years!

Details and results coming soon. The varsity boys team today ran a tremendous 3rd mile to overtake the Cathedral Dons for the win by a slim 27-28 margin. With a mile to go, the Dons had a clear lead and looked to take their fourth straight league dual meet win over the Centurions, but the UC boys moved steadily through the tiring Cathedral runners to narrowly edge them for the win. This is a great indicator of our training and sets us up well for the second half of the season. Nice work. Oh yeah, and they destroyed La Jolla too, 16-45.


First Morley Field Meet of the Season

On Thursday September 27 the UC boys and girls toed the line on the storied Morley Field course for the first time this season to tryout the new layout. Both varsity teams would come away winners against cross-league opponents Clairemont, Scripps Ranch, and from the east county Monte Vista. Coach Stone's detailed results are linked below. There will be more in-depth analytical results coming soon.

Results are HERE! (Excel File)

Don't miss these great pics by Luciana Astiz (Sebastian's mom) and Vic Bennett Sr.

  by Luciana Astiz   by Vic Bennett Sr.  



Vic is Quick with the Pics!

Check out Victor Bennett Sr.'s pics of Dana Hills this afternoon (click the pics below). It was as crazy and frenetic as I thought it would be, but we had some great results and learned a lot! Congratulations to the boys junior team and the girls frosh soph team for finishing second place as a team, and the boys frosh soph team finished third.

Results are HERE!


Dana Hills Invitational This Saturday!

We are returning to Dana Hills after more than 10 years, for a different type of racing challenge. This one will be fast and furious, very much like a road race. Much of the race is on paved surfaces, so get out faster at the beginning and challenge for the win in each race! We are in the small school Division 3 which will be a great place for us to learn how to race.


We are meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning in front of the gym.

Here is the race schedule:

12:00 pm - Boys Senior
12:15 pm - Girls Junior/Senior
12:30 pm - Boys Junior
12:45 pm - Girls Frosh/Soph
1:00 pm - Boys Soph
1:15 pm - Boys Frosh


For more information on the meet, click HERE


Remember that this will be a wild and crazy 1 1/2 hours of racing. We will be running in two races at the same time, so be VERY aware of your race time and work together as a team to win this.



It's a scary image, I know, but yes, that's me on my way to winning the Dana Hills Invitational in a "blistering" 15:21 in 1981. Check out that hair. You'd think I'd have run faster if I only had it trimmed down some! And maybe put on a few pounds. Ok, and a singlet that fit would have been nice too.

Directions Below


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Woodbridge Results HERE

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful evening at the Woodbridge Invite this season. We had some outstanding results, and learned A LOT ABOUT RACING! Many of you braved some pretty warm weather. All told, we ran extremely strong. All the official results are above, but I have put together our teams results below. Look carefully at the comparisons to the top ten runners from each of the past 14 years to see where we fit in. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

We have much to learn. We are a FAR BETTER team than many of you think. Even on a "bad" day, we're beating most of the teams in our races. It's time to re-evaluate our abilities and raise the bar somewhat. Congratulations on a great day, and a huge thank you to all the parents and friends that helped make our pot-luck dinner spread exceptional!


Here's the Photo You've Been Waiting For!

UC Harriers Head to Coach McCarthy's Alma Mater for the Woodbridge Classic this Saturday

The 32nd annual Woodbridge Invitational takes place this Saturday, returning to Estancia High School, where in 1982, a very much younger Gimi McCarthy plied the trails through the hills and bluffs of Fairview Park in and around the high school (that's the bluff area many years ago in the picture). Do NOT miss this great event as we see our star runners perform against the largest fields of the state's best athletes competing on a flat and fast course around Estancia HS and the surrounding park. We are meeting at 1:00 at UC. Don't be late. We are also continuing our great tradition of creating a giant pot-luck table at the meet to feed our hard-working athletes throughout the night. Yep, that's me in the little photo below breaking 10:00 for first time in the 2-mile on our home dirt track in a dual meet against Laguna Beach. Sweet form. Sweet hair!

Meet Information
Course Map

Woodbridge Invitational Information

Saturday, September 15

This is the epic race of the early season, not to be missed. Team scoring is VERY important, so everyone matters.


Woodbridge Information

Click on the potluck list below to see what you signed up for. If you see something missing that we should have, then bring that if you haven't signed up for anything, or let me know so I can take care of it. Remember that tomorrow we are meeting at 1:00 p.m. except for the junior and senior boys and the varsity girls. They are meeting at UC at 3:30 p.m. See you all tomorrow.



Click the photo below for a great photo set from Michelle Atkins and click HERE for another great set from Juliette Bennett. It was a really strong day for us. We're learning how to compete, and I hope you all understand now what it means to be a team. Get ready for a great week of training and then some of the most exciting races of the season. Congratulations!


UP NEXT: Mustang Invitational and Parent's Meeting


Mustang Invitational Friday

This Friday is the next great race on our schedule. We are planning to leave UC at 1:30, after 5th period to drive south to Sweetwater. We'll need many parents to help drive, so please plan on supporting your athlete at this great race. Bring some post-race snacks, if you can. I'll have the gallons of Gatorade and Tang.


Parent's Meeting Wednesday September 12 at 6:30 p.m.

Expect to have all of your questions answered at this great evening. Please BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair) and join us for this very important after-dinner information meeting. We'll provide munchies, coffee e' un po' di vino.

Address: 5134 Via Cinta, SD 92122

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I hope to see all of you at the meet Friday and next week at the parent's meeting. It has been an awesome start to the season. Thank you all for your continued support


Vaquero Pictures

TEAM SCORES HERE (Compiled by Coach Stone)

Here is the first photoset of great pics by Kennedy's mom Shannon Wilson. Click on any photo below to see them on Picasa or Google+. All of you that took photos at the meet, please send me a link to the site that you put them on and I'll get them up here to share. Thank you all for your great support. Our team is strong, and I'm looking forward to an awesome season.



Here is a temporary site with some quick results. Some of them seem a little off to me, so I'll send out some emails to see if they can be straightened out. All three divisions are mixed together, so it's a little hard to read as well. At the moment, I'm working on a comparison result sheet for our team. I should have that up here shortly. GREAT JOB TODAY! We had some awesome results, and you should all be very proud. The tempo runs are working! We need to master these in September, and at the same time, bring along carefully our new athletes. Our great strength is going to be in our tight pack. We're learning how to run together.


Here are the results of our team

Check out these comparisons to teams from the last 10 years. WOW!





The First Meet is Here!

I know you're ready, so prepare yourself for success. We are meeting at school on Saturday morning at 6:10 A.M. Be ready and sleep well the two nights before (Thursday night's sleep is VERY important for success on Saturday). I have included the top marks over the years for each grade level. These are awesome goals that many of you should be striving for. They are never out of reach.

Click on the sheet at right for a large PDF to print and take to the school Saturday morning. Driving instructions are included. Good Luck!



Congratulations Megan!

Makes the UCDavis Cross Country Team


Tentative Meet Schedule Ready

The cross country season of races is now linked at left. There is still room to add a meet in late September or mid-October. I'm trying to see what's nbest for us as we develop into a stronger team. The meet links on the right are currently active, but at this time only have general information. These will be updated when I get new information. In the meantime, keep sending me PHOTOS!


Running Camp Pictures

This is a phenomenal set of over 900 photos from Yolanda Goulding from Canyon Crest. These are absolutely unbelievable! More than just extremely high quality, they capture almost every aspect of the camp perfectly. Many of you brought great cameras up at camp, so send me those pictures so I can put them up here. I have received a few more sets which are currently being put on the site. Click below. You may have to sign up with Google+, but you should be on it anyway.

Victor Bennett Pictures

Here is the first set from Vic Bennett, Sr. Does anyone else have some great pictures? Get them to me STAT!


Saturday Run at San Elijo Lagoon 8:00 a.m. (not 8:30)

Click on the link at left for directions. We will meet at San Elijo instead of Morley Field. The lagoon is one of our favorite runs and a great place for new runners as well. Plan on coming out for a great "Goldilocks" run (not too hard, just right!). We're still getting our team together, so this is also a great day to run in our groups to form that pack. Bring a few bucks so we can all get bagels together after the run.

It was an awesome day at the time trials this morning. Many of you ran much better than you thought you would, which will set you up well for our first race that's only 1.5 miles long.




The team time trial is set for tomorrow, Friday August 17 at 8:30 a.m.
You will be running a two mile course around the track, tennis courts, and back field. Be Ready!

This is an important run to determine where we are as a team. If you haven't been around for the summer, it's time to show up and show off! I will use this effort to determine where to place you in our training groups, as well as assess your fitness level and needs. Official practice began on Monday, so every practice is mandatory. Make this important to you, and do your very best. I'm looking for competitiveness, strength, and fitness. Even talent, so go ahead, beat somebody you always thought you could beat! Good luck.

Time Trial Course 1000 meters. Run this loop three times plus 200 meters at the finish

This Video is Too Cool to Ignore!
Somehow I'm going to keep this video as a permanent inspiration for hard work, determination, and just down right coolness. Watch this over and over again like I do.

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