Directions to Kit Carson Park from UC

Race Schedule:

Large Division

8:00 a.m. Varsity Girls
8:20 a.m. Varsity Boys
8:40 a.m. JV 9 Girls
9:00 a.m. JV 9 Boys
9:20 a.m. JV 10-12 Girls
9:40 a.m. JV 10-12 Boys

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9/8/2018 Bronco Invitational
This is now our fifth year that we are headed to this invitational and should no doubt prove to be very exciting and a great opportunity to match our strength against every one of the best teams in North County. This race is ONLY 2 miles, so be prepared to get out FAST, and use that summer strength to hold on through the tough parts and race well. Yeah, there's a hill. Get over it! Oh, and the downhill? Faster than what you'd consider safe. Here we go!

We will be meeting at UC at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. I expect to meet every athlete at the school unless you've cleared with me. We will need a large group of drivers. Please plan to bring snacks for immediately after the races. The race schedule is very tight, so be aware of race time. Fortunately, the large school division runs early in the morning, so we'll beat the heat, which may be quite hot in the later hours. DRINK CONSTANTLY! I'll bring the Tang/Gatorade for everyone. If you all bring your water bottles, then I don't have to use enormous amounts of paper cups.

Good Luck! This should be a great day for us!