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Including a Sample of My Marathon Training Log from 1994

Check out the sample pages from my running log from September and October 1994. I was coaching at Point Loma at the time and training for the California International Marathon which was in week #48. I made this blank in 1991 to best capture the type of training that I was doing. This is how a running log is supposed to be filled out. I will not accept a running log that only has numbers. I expect you to take responsibility for your training and document every piece of it. This will be required in order to earn membership in the mileage clubs at the end of the summer. As I have done here, be sure to include times for each run, mileage, summaries, any extra activities, and most importantly, how you felt each day. Don't take any short cuts.

I have also included the week number, the dates, a running shoe mileage log, and the times of each interval.   Use this blank as I have done. There is plenty of room to write everything that pertains to your training. Add blank sheets, stickies, etc. as needed.    

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