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Type uccrosscountry.com into the address bar and the BLUE cross country home page should now show up. If you're still getting this page, then you need to re-set your bookmark or refresh the page a few times. Cross country season is here! I will have new meet pages up each week with information leading up to the races and then results, scores and breakdowns after the races are over. Keep checking back. This initial setup may take a few days, but in the meantime, I have the meet information up for Vaquero this weekend (click the blue tab above if refresh doesn't seem to be working). Thanks again for all you support.


Vic Bennett Wins the Fire Run!

It's hard to put into words any description of how the team ran the Fire Run this morning. The kids had been focused all week, indeed all summer, and coming into this with an enormous positive attitude that was contagious all-around, their performances were astounding! Vic Bennett led the charge, and with a final kick, won the entire race. Not to be out-done, the rest of the varsity boys rolled in not far behind in 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th and 13th. Amazing considering the field of over 1300 runners! Check out the results and photos below. This was a truly fantastic way to start our season and showcase a long summer of extremely hard training. There are many great things in store as we move forward. Thank you all for answering my cry for help at the last minute. We showed up in numbers and made a statement and a difference. You all make this team great. Ok..... Fall season 2013, here we come!

Vic Bennett Photos
Michelle Atkins Photos
Race Results


Results and Season Schedule on Athletic.net

All season long you will find every result you could possibly imagine on Athletic.net. You can also check out other teams and even other runners to see how they performed in their races. It's all there. Most importantly, our results will be up there most times within a day of the meet. Check it out. You can even find how well YOU ran last year, or your freshman year. No more hiding. Try to use this tool as a giant motivator to help you set some goals for a race and the entire season. Run fast.

Next week I will move our home page to the Cross Country (blue-tabbed) section with meet information and all kinds of good stuff. To return to this page, just hit the "summer training" tab above.


Fake Camp Pics are Rolling In

Check out these great shots. Many thanks to all of the photographers who spent their time and equipment creating these great memories. There are more coming.

Michelle Atkins
Katie Stone

Don Timms


"Fake" Camp Was A Huge Success

Two words: Cuyamaca Peak! Ouch. My quads are still rebelling against any attempts at recovery. It was a phenomenal inaugural "Fake" Camp with some great events and spectacular runs. The season is officially here and our first race is TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY! Our first big test though, is next Sunday when we all line up for the End of Summer Fire Run in Pacific Beach. We need more people to sign up, so if you haven't done that yet, click the link to the right and be sure to click the "friends of University City High School" box on the registration form online. We are also going to need upwards of 20 volunteers (yeah, I know, a big number) to help with course marshalling. This will be a fundraiser and will also be a great way to give back to the running community. Please also help by signing up as many of your friends as you can.

See you all Monday for a well-deserved recovery run. Remember that practices are mandatory unless I know well in advance (not the morning of) that you have another legitimate commitment.


Cross Country NEWS!

Camp Information Coming Soon!
All New 2013 Meet Schedule


Sign Up for the Fire Run!

Our end-of-the-summer fitness test will be the Pacific Beach Fire Run from La Jolla to Pacific Beach. It's a great one-way race along the beach streets that's flat and fast and a great way to test our fitness after a great summer season of training. It's also going to be a fundraiser for us: We are challenged to get 75 runners to sign up for the race. This can include you, family members, friends, neighbors, anyone that you know. Sign everyone up, and make sure that they click on the "friends of University City High School" so we get the credit for their entry. We have a little over a month to get this done, so begin working on people you know right away. Always wanted to get your parents off the couch and on a new fitness craze? This could be the beginning of something awesome. We will still need volunteers too, so anyone that doesn't want to run, or can't run, can help out on the course. CLICK on the race flyer below, or the permanent link on the right, to enter the race. Have your family and friends enter through this link as well.

Happy running! I look forward to seeing you all out there. This will be a week after our camp, so we should be rested and ready!


Mac Fleet's 1500 Race in Belgium

It's not every day that you get to race with a World Champion and a race field that boasts names among the best 1500 meter runners in the world. Mac is getting the experience he needs on the world stage. Remember that everyone, regardless of how good he/she is, will keep moving up until he gets beat up. You've got to take your knocks on the road to stardom, and no one feels the pain deeper than an elite athlete. Watch this race. It's sobering when you realize how fast they are all running, even the guys in last!


Summer Training is Well Underway!

The team is already out there, so make sure you're going after your summer mileage goals. We have a lot of things planned for this season that are new, so get out there too. Remember that running logs are required to be on this team, so be sure you are filling yours out.

Cross this one off the Bucket List! Coach McCarthy, and a few other coaching friends, climbed the highest road in the Alps, the famous Stelvio Pass. Here are the last 9 switchbacks (out of 48!). But then you all new I was a little bit crazy anyway. Why? Well, just because.


Summer Training Has Begun!

Welcome to the new upcoming cross country season. Plan your summer well and follow the training information that you'll find on this page and the orange links. We have a phenomenal group that has already begun training, and our team looks great! This could be one of the strongest teams in the last several years, but only if YOU do the work this summer.

Read the mileage goals sheet to plan out your summer framework, most importantly how many miles you will run from today until September 8th.

Train Together!

Which group are you in? Many times the groups will be mixed together on longer runs. Being in a slower group does not necessarily mean you will be running slower than the faster groups each day. It means you MAY be running shorter and/or you MAY be running slower. Always strive to be better.

All Groups Follow the SAME Run

This is important! Everyone will be running the same course. We are not splitting up all over the city. We'll have different runs each day, but all groups will follow each other. Most runs are out-and-back, which means you will follow the same course, but likely turn around earlier.

Here's What's Important:

1. You must fill out the running log EVERY DAY. This is mandatory to be part of the mileage club AND to go to camp. I will not accept just numbers in the daily mileage box. You need to write a daily journal: where you ran, with whom, how you felt, how long the run took to complete, any extra exercises/activities for that day. This is the only way you can compare your improvement to previous workouts over the same course.

2. If you're in town, you need to be running with the team. This is the only way to run FAR enough and FAST enough, the two "F" words that make us great.

3. Camp is an awesome experience, but to qualify to attend, you must be on track to achieve the appropriate mileage goals assigned to you. Make sure you have talked to me about your goals before the first week of training is over.

4. If you can't make it to practice for vacation or other previously scheduled activities, understand that you MUST STILL RUN. You cannot progress in mileage if you don't complete the appropriate mileage the week before. One week builds on the next, so you have to get it done. Wherever you are going, there is still Earth, and the laws of gravity remain the same, so put on your shoes and get out the door. NEVER make decisions from the couch.

For all you history nuts, click on the pics above for a great history of just about everything running and racing, including some epic pictures. This is a great archive that is updated periodically, so I will have a permanent link to it. Dale and Mac are on page 40. There are also some other great pictures of Dale in his running days, as well as current high school and collegians that you will all recognize. Check it out.

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