September 3, 2016

Erase your cache and reset your bookmarks!

The new cross country home page is here. I'll finish loading up the latest important information by tomorrow afternoon, so stay tuned. For your calendar: We are having our parents' meeting on Wednesday September 7 at 6:30 p..m. at the home of Tania Omahen. Please bring a dessert to share (and maybe some wine or juice, or....?). This will be a very informative evening that should go until about 8:30. I hope you can attend. Address is 5210 Cobb Place, 92117

August 29, 2016

Check out Mike Boisvert's awesome pics (395 of them!) of the Vaquero meet. What a great showing by all of the athletes. You can tell they're running well by looking at some of those faces of death coming into the finish. Thanks, Mike, for being an outstanding photographer and supporter of the team. I promise I'll get the camp pics up very soon!

August 27, 2016

Vaquero Results!

Click on the image below for all the results from todays races. We had great results all around! Our team is developing into something special, so let's keep going full on into the current training plan as our school days begin. The results show a nice combined result for the girls (boys were unable to merge because of the different distances). Look where you finished and see who you raced with or near from our team. These races should give us a better idea of who we should be training with, or who we WANT to train with to jump up a notch or two. Congratulations on a great first day of racing. I will be switching over to the Cross Country tab (blue pages) in the next day or so, so stay tuned for that. See you all on Monday after school.


August 1, 2016

Mark Your Calendars

Our racing schedule now includes the Bella Vista Bronco Invitational in Folsom, California. This will be our full-team travel weekend, and I'm hoping that all of you can attend. The team club account will pay for all transportation, meals and lodging for parents that help drive the kids and the athletes. The meet is a very high caliber meet in the Sac-Joaquin section of California which includes all of the Sacramento area, one of the great legendary running communities in California history. Please plan to join us for this great weekend of racing and fun. If you haven't seen Sacramento lately, it has become a great city and we will include a visit to the State Capitol. We plan to drive up early Friday morning and return Saturday night (late) from October 14-15, 2016.

July 19, 2016

Running Camp Discount at Movin' Shoes!

We are getting a special deal from Movin' Shoes for all participants of this year's Sequoia Running Camp. Bring the flyer (click the pic below) into Movin' Shoes for a great deal and to support our great local running store. Movin' Shoes is also donating four pairs of racing flats to the camp for special prizes (to be determined). I hope to see a huge parent group at the Running Camp meeting Wednesday night

Summer Training Is Well Underway!

Beginning on June 27, we begin our traditional summer schedule with Week #1. For these first two weeks during the Coaches "No Contact" period, the team can meet at Standley Park on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Thursday the team meets at Mission Bay, and Saturday runs will meet according to the schedule on the left. Directions are all on the list at left as well.

Plan your summer well and follow the training information on the back of your running log. We have a phenomenal group that has already begun training, and our team looks great! We are going to be a great team again, but only if YOU do the work this summer.

Read the mileage goals sheet to plan out your summer framework. How many miles will you run from today until September 18th?

Do You Plan to Travel and Be Varsity?

Then you should plan on being at all of the Saturday runs and all of the hard workout days, unless you have another pre-arranged engagement. Make this part of your training important to you. "Pre-arranged" also means that you let me know well in advance.

Train Together!

Which group are you in? Many times the groups will be mixed together on longer runs. Being in a slower group does not necessarily mean you will be running slower than the faster groups each day. It means you MAY be running shorter and/or you MAY be running slower. Always strive to be better.

All Groups Follow the SAME Run

This is important! Everyone will be running the same course. We are not splitting up all over the city. We'll have different runs each day, but all groups will follow each other. Most runs are out-and-back, which means you will follow the same course, but likely turn around earlier.

Here's What's Important:

1. You must fill out the running log EVERY DAY. This is mandatory to be part of the mileage club AND to go to camp. I will not accept just numbers in the daily mileage box. You need to write a daily journal: where you ran, with whom, how you felt, how long the run took to complete, any extra exercises/activities for that day. This is the only way you can compare your improvement to previous workouts over the same course. This is very easy to do thanks to Gus and his father who created and printed the running logs for us.

2. If you're in town, you need to be running with the team. This is the only way to run FAR enough and FAST enough, the two "F" words that make us great.

3. Camp is an awesome experience, but to qualify to attend, you must be on track to achieve the appropriate mileage goals assigned to you. Make sure you have talked to me about your goals before the first week of training is over.

4. If you can't make it to practice for vacation or other previously scheduled activities, understand that you MUST STILL RUN. You cannot progress in mileage if you don't complete the appropriate mileage the week before. One week builds on the next, so you have to get it done. Wherever you are going, there is still Earth, and the laws of gravity remain the same, so put on your shoes and get out the door. NEVER make decisions from the couch.

Great Track Season Ends. Allen Siegler is #8 All-Time for San Diego

Running his last two races as the very best of his career, senior Allen Siegler roared to a 4:09.29 in the 1600 Final at the California State Meet in Clovis on June 4, placing 8th with a time that would have won many of the past state championship finals. This easily catapulted him into the top 10 all-time for the county, and the second athlete from UC to break the 4:10 barrier. Check out the pics below for a photo recap of the CIF San Diego Championships. Congratulations to everyone who competed. I look forward to a summer of GREAT fitness (after a short rest, of course). Cross Country here we come!

Summer Schedule:

We are continuing to meet for the next three weeks (until Friday, August 26) at the following locations at 8:30 a.m.:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Standley Park
Tuesday: PQ Canyon West End
Thursday: Mission Bay

All meeting times are at 8:30 a.m. Check the location links on the left for directions.
Saturday runs are at 8:00 a.m. at varying locations. Ask the upper classmen where the next Saturday run location will be.

For all you history nuts, click on the pics above for a great history of just about everything running and racing, including some epic pictures. This is a great archive that is updated periodically, so I will have a permanent link to it. Dale and Mac are on page 40. There are also some other great pictures of Dale in his running days, as well as current high school and collegians that you will all recognize. Check it out.

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