Summer 2019 is Here!

Our "official" 12 weeks of summer training begins on Monday, June 24. We will still be training up until this point, but consider these "pre-season" weeks as quality build up for the more demanding summer mileage totals. This is our most important time of the season. The goals that you set and achieve during these 12 weeks will directly determine how successful you are during the fall racing season. We must encourage each other and work together to achieve these goals. The more athletes that we have that do the work, the better our team will be. The mileage goals for the summer are listed below. Click on the image to open a full size PDF that you can print and put on your refrigerator. Commit to doing this work. The success of our team depends on it. Good luck.


Returning Athletes

Everything you need for summer is here on this sheet. We are meeting as a team Monday through Saturdays, but you will be largely responsible on your own for the mileage that you run this summer. I will be there to help, but this only becomes fun when you buy into it and make it a huge priority for you. Make sure your parents know how important it is to you as well.

Running with the team is your number one priority. If you are in town, you are expected to be at practice. This is the ONLY way you can plan on improving. Remember my two most important words: FARTHER and FASTER. These are the words that drive us to be better.


Incoming Freshmen

Welcome to the team! Don't panic. Our biggest goal is to establish a pattern of consistency, which means that each of us is training for a fixed number of days per week and gradually progressing in mileage so that we get better and better. You will see improvement very quickly. Enjoy the process and set your goals high. You are now part of an outstanding team!

Athletic Form

Here is the new form for 2019-20. Each of you will have to have this on file before you can participate in official practice on August 12 and/or go to camp. You only have to have this form filled out once per year (including the doctor's evaluation), and it's good for all sports throughout the school year. David Asuncion, our Athletic Director, will be collecting the 3 forms you will need to turn in at some point during the summer. I will get this information to you as soon as I get it. Get this turned in or you will not be able to participate in practice or go to camp.

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