Directions to Penasquitos Canyon Preserve (PQ Canyon)

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Only ten minutes away from the high school, take Genesee north to the 5 freeway. Go north on the 5 and then quickly exit on Sorrento Valley Road. At the stop light at the bottom of the hill, turn left then right and continue straight on what is now Sorrento Valley BOULEVARD (you will cross Sorrento Valley Road after the railroad tracks). Continue ahead for about a mile until the industrial buildings on the left and right disappear and the road climbs slightly to the right. The parking lot entrance will be on the right.

PQ canyon is a benchmark training ground for many athletes in the county and particularly important to our team. The trail is an out-and-back trail that follows the creek, with mile markers along the entire route. We will gradually increase the distance of our runs as the summer progresses, and it will be these runs that we'll use to measure our strength and tenacity.

The trail is safe, but I always encourage parents to join us on the trail, either for a light walk or easy jog. Whatever you feel up to. It is always good to have more eyes and ears out in the park when we're out there.


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