Coronado 10k Results!

It was a perfect day for running with a slight drizzle, a gentle breeze, and temperatures in the mid-60's all combining for many outstanding performances by the UC squad that came to race today. Click the photo below for results.


Next Italy Meeting: Monday February 13, 6:00 p.m.

Our next group Italy meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 13th at the Cawdrey's home at 3528 Villanova Avenue, San Diego 92122.

This time it really will be a pot luck dinner. Last time I promised to get some authentic recipes to you. I'll put them up here on the website in the next day or so. Look over on the right for a link. We'll meet some new "team" members that are going with us and talk about the Renaissance and the Palio. It won't be like school, so bring some real enthusiasm because we're going to learn a few things.


YES! San Elijo Again Tomorrow

By popular demand, we are returning to San Elijo frankly because there are very few better places to run in San Diego. Hope to see you all there. We meet at the train station parking lot at 8:00 a.m (NOT 8:30). Bring some cash for great bagels (bagel dogs) and conversation after the run.

Click HERE for directions and more info about San Elijo.


2012 Track Schedule is Here

Check this Athletic.net site often (bookmark it). Coach Hutsel updates it often, so look for results of every meet during the season right after they happen! Look around the site a little and you'll find: 1) results from every track season in our storied past (those that Hutsel has posted, which is a lot), 2) current performance lists which show where our kids rank in the school, league, city, section, state, and even the nation, 3) you can see results and rankings of every athlete in the league and section, a sort of spy tool to keep and eye on your opponents so you know what you'll have to run to beat them! There's plenty of other stuff too, so click the picture below and check it out. Oh yeah, and our track meet schedule is here too.


Winter Training Mileage

Use this chart as a guide for your training. You are responsible for keeping up your mileage. Going on vacation? Bring your running shoes with you! This is a great way to truly visit someplace new. Understand that the most important part of the mileage chart is consistency, which means that you can't run the weekly mileage indicated on any given week without completing the mileage listed on the preceding week. Be sure to include everything you do on the running logs which can be found in the Resource Library on the left. Let's have a great winter.

Need Inspiration? Check this out:

Great Day in Coronado!

The kids brought home no fewer than 11 tiki trophies today (I lost count), placing among the top three in their age groups in the Valentine's Day 10k. Click on the photo of the girls that swept the 13-15 age group to see Bruce Stone's photos of the day.

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