Video of the Week: Mac Fleet Qualifies for Nationals

It's always great to follow our alumni, and I know I put a lot of Mac on this site these days, but hey, get fast and I'll do that for you too! Besides, this is current stuff from yesterday, so it's great to see him running well again. Watch his interview also. He is extremely well spoken and full of good insight.

Indoor Mile at Notre Dame 3/2/2013   Mac's Interview After the Race

Mt. Carmel Distance Invitational Results!

Don't miss Coach Stone's splits that he got for all of you.

The track season is now well underway. It's pretty exciting stuff. All the results are at the link below. Click and check out also your splits so you can see how you ran during the race. Did you go out too fast? Too slow? Slow down in the middle? It's important to know and we can use these splits to help as a coaching tool to make you a better runner. Have this information in your heads so we can talk about it tomorrow at practice and be ready for a great week of training. See you Monday morning.


SPLIT TIMES from Coach Stone

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Directions to Mt. Carmel HS
UC Entries
Saturday Time Schedule
Track Program
Field Event Program


Check This Out!

These three athletes re-defined what it meant to be a Miler. Watch some of the greatest races in world track and field history.

Tikis on Coronado

Results and Photos Below

Click the links below to see some great photos of the Coronado 10k. The kids cleaned up with a 9-Tiki haul.


Coronado 10k Results:

We had a great showing at the 10k starting line this morning, which led to some powerful performances. Congratulations to all who participated. Vic Bennett, Tyler Culp, Sebastian LeBras, Ryan Najera, Quinn Stofan and Hayden Stone swept 1-6 in the men's 16-18 age division. In another great sweep, Allen Siegler, John Kidman, Tyler Selby and Jack Gallegos swept the 1-4 places in the men's 13-15 age group. Ann Kelly won the women's 13-15 division followed by Kate Atkins in third and five more UC girls in the next six places. In the women's 16-18 age division, Shelby Huffaker crossed the line in third in a tough high school division won by the CIF d1 runner-up Brianna Miller from Carlsbad high school. It was a great day to showcase our winter strength and learn a thing or two about racing before the track season officially begins tomorrow!

See you all tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. at the school for a much deserved recovery run.

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Southern California Half Marathon!


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The now-formed UC Half Marathon Team braved a cold (37 degrees) start at this year's So Cal 1/2 Marathon and had a series of fantastic finishes. Everyone on the team was a rookie, but from the gun, each runner set a quick (somewhat risky) pace and held on for 13.1 miles. Congratulations to our top finishers: John Kidman won the 13-14 age division, Tyler Culp was 3rd in the 15-18 division, and Shelby Huffaker finished 4th in her 15-18 division. Besides the awesome run, the best part? I've never seen so many cookies at the finish expo all in one place! Perfect.

Click the photo below to see Pam Kelly's pictures of the day:


Winter Training Has Begun!

Saturday Run Schedule Link at LEFT

Here are the Saturday runs for this winter. The run today from the EAST end of PQ Canyon was spectacular. Running long on soft surfaces is extremely important, and there's no better place than where we ran today. We can easily incorporate this run into our weekday runs from the WEST end by crossing the creek at the Wagon Wheel Crossing. Stay tuned.

Winter Training Mileage BELOW and linked at LEFT

Here is the NEW mileage chart for this winter. There have been some changes, noticeably the increases that I promised you! Use this chart as a guide for your training. You are responsible for keeping up your mileage. Going on vacation? Bring your running shoes with you! This is a great way to truly visit someplace new. Understand that the most important part of the mileage chart is consistency, which means that you can't run the weekly mileage indicated on any given week without completing the mileage listed on the preceding week. Be sure to include everything you do on the running logs which can be found in the Resource Library on the left. Let's have a great winter. Get out there and train. Remember what I've said before: Don't make any decisions from the couch!

If you haven't seen these great videos, check them out below. They're very good

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