March 8, 2014

Mt. Carmel Results Are Up

This was a big week for us in our training schedule, so any great results today would be a big bonus on top of some pretty tired legs. Our kids rose to the challenge and provided many great bonuses, showcasing a phenomenal training base to lead off the season. Check out the results below. There are some great ones. It was a great meet to see where we're at and highlight the areas where we need work. Thank you all for a great meet. This was a fun and exciting start to what will be a wonderful season.


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Directions to Mt. Carmel HS
UC Entries
Saturday Time Schedule
Track Program
Field Event Program

February 26, 2014

Look What I Found

Many of you have seen the box of racing numbers that I keep that contains each race number for every race that I ever ran, from the very beginning of my running career as a high school freshman 35 years ago. Probably the one number that I cherish the most is the number 514 that I wore in May of 1985 in the final of the NCAA Division 2, 1500 meter National Championship race in Los Angeles. This photo appeared on a Cal Poly Alumni Facebook page. Great memories (and really short shorts!)

February 17, 2014

Brunelleschi's Dome

Yes! This is the great masterpiece that some consider to be the greatest work of architecture and engineering by man on Earth by the greatest architect that ever lived. Here is the NOVA program that was on PBS last Thursday night. Watch this 53 minute program before we meet on Wednesday, if you can. We will have a great discussion of his work that will be a major focal point (and launching point) for our trip this summer.

February 10, 2014

Coronado 10K This Sunday!

Thursday is the absolute last day to register for the Coronado 10k. We are fit and ready to race, so I hope you are all planning to sign up to get out there, clean up the awards, and see what we can do. Register HERE or click the banner below for more information. Don't forget to put UCHS in the discount code box when you check out.

January 5, 2014

HERE WE GO. Can we put 12 boys under 10:00? How about 5 girls under 5:30? It starts NOW!

Winter training has begun. This is an exciting time to feel like a runner again and just go and go and go. I love it (and wish I could still do it, although you will see me running much more this winter: promise). A new and revised winter training schedule is attached below. Make SURE that you are following the weekly plan for the column that you have chosen. Remember what I said at the banquet? If you don't put in the work now, in the off-season, "I can't help you!" Don't be the one that missed out. The first four weeks (below in green) are CRITICAL to achieve our long term goals and to stay uninjured. We will be meeting every day during the week (except Christmas Day) at school at 8:30 a.m. If you can't make it, that's ok (assuming you have other obligations, not because you want to sleep in), but you MUST get your run in on your own. The Saturday runs should be mandatory, because this is where greatness happens. You will not run the same quality on your own. Let's do this together.

Italy information will be posted here.

Meanwhile, remember these cool videos below from last year? Check them out below. They're very good. This first one is our great DMR from Mt SAC 2009. Listen to the "not a great distance program" comment at the end

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